Genissel Anne

Anne Genissel, Researcher INRAE

Our next Journal Club will be in July. TBA.

Our last monthly Journal Club was Friday, June 11th. We discussed the paper from Cosby et al., 2021. 


A new PhD program in evolutionary biology is available. Applicants from the Master SDV or AgroParisTech can send a CV (funding through the labex SPS with a competition in July).

We are a small group studying fungal pathogen evolution and offering a creative and stimulating working environment in the multidisciplinary laboratory Bioger (Fungal Biology and Risk Management in Agriculture). Research topic linked to the project concerns the mechanisms of adaptation in the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici. In particular, the PhD work will focus on finding the genetic basis of adaptation against the resistance gene Sbt16 in French population samples.

If you are interested please contact us: &

Former students:

- Ibai Lertxundi (Master Erasmus, 2020)
- Axel Vaillant (Master, 2019)
- Arthur Jallet (PhD, 2016-2019)
- Frederique Malonga (Master, 2018)
- Amandine Bonnet (Master, 2015)
- Maroua Bouzid (Master, 2013)
- Florian Loiseau (Master, 2012)

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